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"Let’s get dangerous!"



I’ve realized something, because recently following a couple Darkwing Duck blogs made me think of it. DWD has always been vastly underutilized by Disney. I still don’t know why they decided to end the comic done by BOOM! Studios. I cannot possibly imagine that it wasn’t making money.

I attempted…

It wasn’t that Darkwing Duck didn’t do well as a comic but that Boom! lost their license to make and sell Disney comics. Here’s a little article about it.

The good news is that Disney has really been good about slowly introducing new Disney Afternoon merchandise the past couple of years, and people are buying it. It helps that the generation who grew up with the Disney Afternoon are now adults who are excited about and willing to buy this stuff from their favorite childhood shows. 

You can definitely look forward to more Darkwing Duck goodness in the coming year. Keep an eye out!


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Bushroot by ~Son-Goku-Saiyuki

Let’s Get Dangerous!

[COM] Darkwing - Heroes Vs. Villains 
A huge commission piece for lobo-the-wolf of deviantART Their wolf character Shade running off with Darkwing to dish out some heroic butt stomping while Gizmo and Gos hang back; knowing this fight is theirs and theirs alone.  Or something. Words aint me strong point no’mo.This was one of the biggest commissions i’ve gotten and it was plenty fun to work with!It also happens to be my first ever Darkwing commission! :D 


Currently on Ebay: Darkwing Duck Animation Model Sheets

Whoever buys these, I hope they share them on the Internet. SO COOL LOOKING.image

MY what I would do for a set of these!